Flower Essences for Dogs are a natural therapy
To determine how to achieve animal wellness, find the symptoms your pet is experiencing and continue reading to discover the flower essences for dogs and other pets that would be most beneficial.

Patterns of imbalance: Afraid of thunder, fireworks, gun fire, other animals, people, feeling trapped (cats in carriers), going to the vet or groomer, jittery horses. Fear of the unknown very scared even panicky. Tend to be high strung and/or sensitive.

Patterns of imbalance: Seems emotionally upset, tense, ridged in muscles, over striving, may feel trapped. Mouthy or snappy, pulls on leash, rushes ahead, may eat rapidly. May display inappropriate urination, feather plucking, chewing on themselves, biting or sucking. Upset about changes in schedule/travel. Over stimulated. Fear of unknown. Takes on the emotions of caretakers.

Patterns of imbalance: May display temper tantrums, barking, hysterical (especially cats) when taking animal to the veterinarian. Is very enthusiastic, high strung, tense. May be snappy, pulls on leash, rushes ahead, eats rapidly. Needs to settle down, focus, and calm down.

Patterns of imbalance: Needs calming, is hysterical, and needs increased security. Barking, nipping or sucking. May display jealousy, be possessive or territorial. Shows violent impulses toward animals and or people. Biting due to fear. Is upset in change of schedule or travel, over stimulation. May have experienced past physical or emotional abuse.

Patterns of imbalance: Impatient, not willing to wait for owners to return, undue emotional attachment, fear of being deserted.  May lack confidence, display stress and anxiety when left alone. This essence is beneficial in helping animals adjust to new environment.

*Please treat aggressive tendencies promptly. Consult a professional.
Patterns of imbalance: Aggressive, mean barking, jealous. Bearing teeth, snapping, biting. Hostile, dominant, bully, dislikes discipline, barks to protect territory, is possessive.

Create balance: Increase effective learning, stimulate memory and concentration. Precise thinking, focus, concentration and retrain not to make mistakes. Improve confidence in ability to learn and respond. Increase the caretaker/trainer relationship and be open to training. Decrease fear that inhibits learning. Increase muscle strength yet foster relaxation (especially in horses).
*Please consider a custom blend for specialized retraining for conditions such as older animals, being fearful, loud noises, poorly trained originally, dreamy or animals lacking enthusiasm.

Patterns of imbalance: loses ability to be centered and in control when performing. Shows fear and anxiety in performance situations (jittery horses). Or perhaps your animal's performance is inhibited by anxiety and worry of caretaker, handler or rider.
Help your animal compete to the best of its ability with precise thinking, focus and concentration. Increase physical bearing and confidence in show or performance situations. Increase the communication between you and your animal.

Animal Vibe specializes in Pet Essences and Animal Wellness

Standard Flower Essences Formulas & Blends for Dogs & Pets

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Blend has helped make training more enjoyable for both of us because I am not forced to struggle with Ben to get him to do what he is supposed to do.

I am very pleased with the effect all of the Formulas I have tried. They have worked for both Ben and myself.
Ben's "Mom"

   NEW BABY (animal or human)
Patterns of imbalance: territorial, in shock with the change. Frequent urination or spraying in time of transition.
Help your animal adjust to the new environment, move or new family member. Learn to live together in a new group, family or herd and be willing to share.

Congratulations! Help you new arrival: recover from any birthing trauma, gain confidence, adjust to a new environment, and accept socialization. Going to a new home, adjust to the separation and transition. Accept a new home; help with frequent urination/spraying during transition and ease teething.

To have loved an animal is a bond like no other. This essence provides support for your companion and yourself during this difficult time.

Supports healing and inner strength needed to recover from trauma: mental or physical. Allow healing, in times of illness, injury or following surgery.

*Rescued or abused animal's needs are often unique, please consider a custom blended flower essence.
 Support your animal in its' ability to trust, for forming new friendships with human companions and living in a new environment. Help them recover from difficult memories, trauma and past abuse (physical or emotional). Be more grounded in their new environment, create new bonds and show warmth and affection.

​This is the "First Aid Kit" in a bottle.  Panic, anxiety, disorientation, trauma or pain

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Whether it’ a single condition or a combination; barking, separation anxiety, breeding, trailering, excessive grooming... May be your animal needs help with depression, resentment, bitterness and irritability...   Maybe it's lack of confidence lack of confidence. Or perhaps you have an opportunity to work with the wild and feral. These are just a few examples of conditions that can be supported by flower essences.
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