Animal Vibe 

Our standard blends:
Afraid or thunder, other animals, people, jittery horses, unknown fears, scared, timid, worried, very sensitive. 

Anxious, emotionally upset, tense, agitated, bothered by changes in
routine. Possibly chewing, licking, inappropriate urination. 

For those cannot settle down in the car or any other travel. Whines, paces, barks, drools, vomits. Great to use before for trips to the vet or groomer!

Perfect for bringing a new pet into the family (especially rescued pets). Helps to increase the ability to trust, bond with human companions, adapt to a new environment, recover from past abuse and difficult memories. 

Help them work through separation, gain confidence and adjust to their new environment and socialization.

Supports healing and inner strength needed to aid in recovery from illness, injury or surgery. 

Creates balance. Stimulates memory, focus, and concentration as well as increases the relationship with the trainer/caretaker. 
Decreases fear that can inhibit learning and at the same time helps to foster relaxation. 

 The emotional 'first aid kit' in a bottle - panic, anxiety, disorientation, trauma, injury or pain. Keep this one on hand!

Perfect to help emotionally stabilize and bring balance to animals that are transitioning through the aging process. 
Bodies slow, activities change, senses diminish, etc  This blend can help with anxieties and stress that this can cause.

Defense in a bottle, to help with animals suffering from allergy symptoms. Not to replace allergy medications but to assist in helping the body cope. 

Difficulties maintaining composure with other animals or people when on leash.

* CUSTOM BLENDS available. Please contact us prior to placing a custom blend order. 
​Our blends are made using Bach Flower Essences.