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About Us
Flower Essences found me, rather than the other way around. We own and operate Paws on Pine, a boarding and daycare kennel. This all started as a suggestion by a friend to help Coco, the Chow Chow pictured at the upper right of this page. Coco had severe separation anxiety. She would not only get anxious, upset and worried, but also destructive.
Coco's parents were very receptive to trying the Animal Vibe Flower Essences. We are still amazed with the results. It's wonderful to find something that is all natural, has no side effects and can make such a difference with behavioral issues. I started carrying Animal Vibe at the kennel and several other customers tried it and also experienced great success. As time went on, I  was approached about taking over Animal Vibe. It was an easy decision because of the incredible positive changes I had seen take place.  

Thanks to Sue Eastman, the founder of Animal Vibe, I am now helping pets and their families on a daily basis with my flower essences.

"I use flower essences and I believe in them because I have seen the results." ~ Jill Crane

"These essences are very effective and so easy to use. Our dog had tremendous travel anxiety. We had tried everything from training to drugs, nothing worked. Now we give a few sprays of Travel Calm the day before the trip, the day of and the result is a dog that is more at ease, and actually relaxes. It is quite simply a miracle. We cannot thank you enough. - Annie Frelich

"My 1 1/2 year old dog was displaying some annoying adolescent behavior including lack of impulse control, lack of focus and some barking at strangers. Within 2 days of using flower essences, the change in him was remarkable! The improvement in impulse control was especially notable, and his barking at strangers was markedly improved too. We're so happy with the results!" - Elizabeth H, DVM

"My Chocolate Lab suffers from travel anxiety. Since starting the Travel Calm by Animal Vibe we have noticed a significant change for the better. - Faith Piroso"

"Gracie is a nine year old Beagle/Collie mix who came to us three years ago with dog aggressive behaviors. After two years of training and exposure therapy we were looking for a little something more to bring her some calm and quiet. Animal Vibe (custom blend) did just the trick. After just three months of use it has brought her behavior to where she can now interact with dogs we encounter on our hikes without even a single bark or any aggressive behavior at all. Thank you Animal Vibe for helping change my dogs life. - Rebecca Bacotti