Animal Vibe 

About Flower Essences
When our pets are in a state of imbalance it can manifest itself in both physical and behavioral issues. 
Animal Vibe blends specific essences together based upon unique properties of individual flowers. With these combinations, we have been able to effectively assist with things like stress, separation anxiety, fearfulness, forming new bonds, leash reactivity, recovering from past abuse, poor behavior in vehicles and traveling, support in healing from injury and illness and more.

Flower Essences are not drugs, herbs, vitamins or medicine. They are nontoxic and cause no harmful side effects or interactions. Essences can be used to complement current medication without any contraindications. Essences are a wonderful compliment to any training program. 
It is important to note that essences are not a replacement for exercise, training, proper diet or veterinary care. Nor will they take the inate characteristics out of a specific breed.

​Flower Essences are easy to use. Four sprays, three to four times a day, on the pads of the paw, direct to the mouth, on the ear leathers, or in a small amount of water, on food or in the air around them. Potency is increased not by taking more at a time, but by using them on a consistent basis. See individual bottles for directions in usage. Results will vary depending on which essences you choose, the dosage and consistency in which you are using them, how long you use them and if they are properly stored.